Script error The 2000 Beach Soccer World Cup was the sixth edition of the Beach Soccer World Championships, the first world cup of the new millennium. The tournament changed its location for the first time since its establishment in 1995. 2000 would be the last year before Brazil's chain of world cup wins was broken. It stayed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but moved to Marina da Glória instead of Copacabana.


The organisation stayed the same as the 1999 world cup. 12 teams were split into 4 groups of 3 teams with the top 2 teams progressing to the quarter finals.


From the 12 teams, 5 teams came from Europe, 5 teams came from South America including the hosts Brazil, 1 team from North America and 1 team from Asia.

European Zone:

South American Zone:

North American Zone:

Asian Zone:


Group stageEdit

Group AEdit

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
23x15px Brazil 6220022220
23x15px Germany 32101714-7
23x15px Italy 02002518-13

February 13, 2000
23x15px Brazil 12–1 23x15px Italy

February 14, 2000
23x15px Brazil 10–1 23x15px Germany

February 15, 2000
23x15px Italy 4–6 23x15px Germany

Group BEdit

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
23x15px Portugal 3200298+1
23x15px Japan 32200770
23x15px Argentina 32101910-1

February 13, 2000
23x15px Portugal 5–6 23x15px Argentina

February 14, 2000
23x15px Japan 4–5 23x15px Portugal

February 15, 2000
23x15px Japan 5–3 23x15px Argentina

Group CEdit

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
23x15px Peru 622001028
23x15px Venezuela 32101523
23x15px France 02002314-11

February 13, 2000
23x15px Peru 1–0 23x15px Venezuela

February 14, 2000
23x15px Peru 9–2 23x15px France

February 15, 2000
23x15px Venezuela 5–1 23x15px France

Group DEdit

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
23x15px United States 621011293
23x15px Uruguay 32101910-1
23x15px Spain 0210179-2

February 13, 2000
23x15px United States 7–5 23x15px Uruguay

February 14, 2000
23x15px Spain 4–5 23x15px United States

February 15, 2000
23x15px Uruguay 4–3 23x15px Spain

Quarter finalsEdit

February 16, 2000
23x15px Portugal 7–1 23x15px Germany

February 16, 2000
23x15px United States 4–2 23x15px Venezuela

February 17, 2000
23x15px Peru 10–3 23x15px Uruguay

February 17, 2000
23x15px Brazil 5–4 23x15px Japan


February 18, 2000
23x15px Brazil 6–7 23x15px United States

February 18, 2000
23x15px Peru 5–3 23x15px Portugal

Third Place Play-offEdit

February 19, 2000
23x15px Portugal 5–7 23x15px Brazil


February 20, 2000
23x15px United States 6–4 23x15px Peru

Final team standingsEdit

Position Team
1 23x15px United States
2 23x15px Peru
3 23x15px Brazil
4 23x15px Portugal
5 23x15px Venezuela
6 23x15px Japan
7 23x15px Uruguay
8 23x15px Germany
9 23x15px Argentina
10 23x15px Spain
11 23x15px France
12 23x15px Italy


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