The Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games or the Millennium Olympics' will be held between the September 15 and October 1, 2000 in Sydney, Australia. It will be the second time that the Summer Olympics have been held in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer Olympic Games held in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney was selected as the host city on September 23, 1993.

Host city selectionEdit

Sydney won the right to host the Games on 24 September 1993, after being selected over Beijing, Berlin, Istanbul and Manchester in four rounds of voting, at the 101st IOC Session in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

2000 Summer Olympics bidding results
City NOC Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Sydney 23x15px Australia 30 30 37 45
Beijing23x15px China 32 3740 43
Manchester Template:Country data Great Britain 10 13 11
Berlin 23x15px Germany 10 10
Istanbul Template:Country data Turkey 7


The 2000 Summer Olympic programme featured 300 events in the following 28 sports:





Medal countEdit

Main article: 2000 Summer Olympics medal table

These are the top ten nations that won medals the 2000 Games.
The ranking in this table is based on information provided by the International Olympic Committee. Some other sources may be inconsistent due to not taking into account all later doping cases.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 22x20px United States 37243394
2 22x20px Russia 33272989
3 [[Image:Template:Country flag IOC alias CHN|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[Template:Country IOC alias CHN at the 2000 Summer Olympics|Template:Country IOC alias CHN]] 28161458
4 22x20px Australia 15241758
5 22x20px Germany 14172556
6 [[Image:Template:Country flag IOC alias FRA|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[Template:Country IOC alias FRA at the 2000 Summer Olympics|Template:Country IOC alias FRA]] 13141138
7 22x20px Italy 1391334
8 [[Image:Template:Country flag IOC alias NED|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[Template:Country IOC alias NED at the 2000 Summer Olympics|Template:Country IOC alias NED]] 129425
9 [[Image:Template:Country flag IOC alias GBR|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[Template:Country IOC alias GBR at the 2000 Summer Olympics|Template:Country IOC alias GBR]]1110728
10 [[Image:Template:Country flag IOC alias ROU|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[Template:Country IOC alias ROU at the 2000 Summer Olympics|Template:Country IOC alias ROU]]116926

Participating National Olympic CommitteesEdit

File:2000 Summer Olympic games countries.svg
File:2000 Summer olympics team numbers.gif

199 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated in the Sydney Games, two more than in 1996 Summer Olympics. In addition, there were four Timorese Individual Olympic Athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Eritrea, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau made their Olympic debut this year.

Afghanistan was the only 1996 participant that did not participate in 2000, having been banned due to the extremist rule of the Taliban's oppression of women and its prohibition of sports. Template:-

Participating National Olympic Committees